Plastic Vial - Sealed Drum
Plastic Vial
Value (at 100%): $30.00 / $76.00
Weight: 0.10 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 1 x 2
Sealed Drum
Value (at 100%): $150.00 / $305.00
Weight: 114.00 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 7 x 12

Oral Inoculant Formula "YpcV" is the vaccine to cure Blue Rot. Consuming the yellow liquid cures the player of Blue Rot (in any stage), and gives permanent immunity to the disease. It appears in two container sizes (a single-dose plastic vial, and a much larger sealed drum), and becomes available following certain mid-game events. Details are in the spoiler below.

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The drum can be found in the sled with strap carried by King Elias (or Queen Liza) following the Saginaw encounter. Elias/Liza will immediately head southeast to Clearbone Valley and will emerge with the sled (and contents) in tow. The NPC will then walk towards the DMC Gate after leaving Clearbone, and is often killed by guards near the sprawl. Medic skill is needed to properly identify the drum and realize its full value. It can be sold to an even bigger price to Hatter, by going to his office when he's available, and showing him the drum, plastic vial and the YPC, and then using the Medic skill, after a week, the player must return to Hatter's Office, where he will pay the player $200,000.

Alternatively the cure is given by King Elias after the Saginaw encounter after choosing the right answers. The player has to give his real name, tell the king the church is doomed and then state that the flood is a lie. The king will then hand the cure to the player along with his belongings and pages from the Blue Frog book. The king will also state that the item is a cure to the Blue Rot.

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