Yezinka is a unique creature, stalking the wilderness of central Michigan.


Yezinka is an extremely large humanoid that appears to have elongated arms and torso.


Yezinka is a solitary and stealthy creature, haunting the central region of the map. During each game only one such creature exists and, unlike the Merga Wraith, roams the map. Because of that, it is possible for it to be killed by the other creatures before the player has a chance to meet it.

Yezinka is obsessed with stalking humanoids for their eyes. To fulfill this need, it will try to ambush the character at night while asleep. It is also attracted to the Jar of Screaming Eyes.


Yezinka will hurl stones or attack in melee range. The most debilitating attack involves plucking out the target's eyes. The range of this technique is unknown, and melee contact should be avoided.


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