XM54 Gas Mask Cartridge
Gas Mask Cartridge
Value (at 100%): $27.00
Weight: 0.25 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 2 x 1
The XM54 Gas Mask Cartridge is an item used with an XM54 Gas Mask, providing protection against airborne diseases. Two cartridges fit inside a gas mask.

Each cartridge found will have a random amount of charge from 0.00 (spent) to 1.00 (new.) A new cartridge lasts approximately 12 turns during use (0.08 charge per hour.)

They can often be found in loot from a Blue Frog Cult Follower, and very rarely during scavenging. They are also rarely available from the Junk Market.

Tips: Edit

  1. It is good to use these in The Great Black Swamp where high quality loot can be found with lower risk. Caution is advised, though; you don't want to run out of cartridges in the middle of the irradiated zone.
  2. It provides protection against NPCs carrying the Blue Rot disease, which is potentially lethal.
  3. It also protects against Black Mold when scavenging urban areas, though it's less costly to use a crude air filter to avoid wasting precious cartridges.
  4. Spent cartridges usually have a higher price than almost spent ones.

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