Whiskey Droplet
Value (at 100%): $20.00
Weight: 0.04 kg
Stack Size: 12

"Wolverine Black" whiskey is a rare and useful liquid found in glass bottles while scavenging, or can be bought from merchant.



  • Whiskey can be used on open wounds to fight infection.
  • Instantly sterilizes dirty rags, turning them into clean rags.


Drinking whiskey reduces the pain status.

Side effectsEdit

  • Drinking whiskey while wounded will lower the blood supply. Also, for each consumed drop, the player will lose 1 move for 3 turns because of the Drunk condition.
  • After 3 turns, the player will be hung over from drinking, and have a headache that causes minor pain, plus they will be vomiting from drinking. Vomiting makes the player lose hunger and thirst and makes it easier for enemies to follow their trail.
  • Whiskey has no hydrating effect. In fact, it increases water consumption, making drinking it extremely dangerous to those already dehydrated.


  • It takes 12 drops to fill a bottle with whiskey, but only 2 drops to fill a bottle with water or Corn-a-Cola

Properties and recipe usesEdit

  • Liquid Disinfectant:
    • Disinfected Rags (1)

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