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Vehicles are a type of inventory expansion item in NEO Scavenger. They allow the player to carry larger amounts of equipment at the expense of movement speed.

Vehicles can be equipped via the vehicle screen. Only one vehicle can be equipped at a time. Items stored in a vehicle can be used in crafting, without the need to remove them first. Some vehicles, such as the Shop Mart shopping cart and the travois, are not able to carry small or loose objects such as small mechanical parts or pills. However, small or loose objects can be placed inside a container that is stored in the vehicles.


  • Allows additional storage space.
  • Removes the ability to run on the hex map.
  • Removes the following combat moves: "Charge!", "Run!", "Desperate Retreat" and "Sprint Away!" until the option "Ditch the vehicle" is selected.

Available VehiclesEdit

  • Travois
    Inventory: 16x10 grid
    Durability: -.4%/hour (250 hours or 10 1/2 days)
    Cannot carry small/loose objects
  • Plastic Sled
    Inventory: 16x12 grid
    Durability: -.2%/hour (500 hours or 21 days)
  • Shopping Cart
    Inventory: 16x16 grid
    Durability: -.3%/hour (~334 hours or ~13.89 days)
    Cannot carry small/loose objects
  • Box Cart
    Inventory: 16x16 grid
    Durability: -.4%/hour (250 hours or 10 1/2 days)

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