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Unstoppable is one of the two hidden legendary reputations, unlocked by being unstoppable.


The following info is taken from the game's XML file:

  • pain left base +25%
  • immune left base +20%
  • heal per hour +2%
  • blood restore rate +0.01%
  • immune restore rate +0.1%
  • pain left +25%
  • immune left +20%
  • morale +20%
  • fatigue modifier -25%
  • defence +20%
  • attack damage multiplier +25%

New combat movesEdit

  • Intimidate: Explode with unbridled rage, scaring target. Both you and target must see each other.
    (Better version of Threaten. Constant debuff on enemy.)

  • Exploit Weakness: Seeks a weakness to exploit in target, helping future attacks against it. Must see target.
    (Increase hit chance. Ignores armor.)
  • Non-Lethal TrapLeads target into a deadly situation, trapping it. Must be closer to target than 1 space. Both you and target must see each other. Both Unstoppable and Elusive Required.

Acquiring UnstoppableEdit

Receive 4 points:

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