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The Trapping skill is extremely useful for acquiring hides and building fires, as well as obtaining and cooking meat - great for survivors preferring to live off of the land.

Ability Points cost: 4


  • Allows the player to craft squirrel snares to greatly reduce the player's reliance on scavenging randomly for food, which often has unreliable results. If the player manages to down a medium/large creature, curing the meat can make it last much longer, as otherwise much of it would likely spoil before being needed.
  • For players that want to hunt for money, the value of materials gained from furry creatures (Deer and Dogman) will drastically increase, and if the meat is cured the value will also decay much more slowly, giving the player extra time to reach the merchants.
  • It's currently the only way to obtain the Dogman Fur Coat, which in addition to being quite valuable, is very warm and makes the player more intimidating to foes.
  • Friction campfires are extremely useful in the early game. It turns every forest into a source of flame that can be used to stave off hypothermia as well as light torches that aid in scavenging and doing pretty much anything at night. It's less useful once the player obtains a lighter, though.
  • Unlocks "Lure Into Trap" move in combat: Range 0-5, increases distance by 1, the enemy takes 1-3 minor hits and falls down.
  • Unlocks 'Alertness' bar on camp screen: Used to know how likely it is the player will wake up if an enemy comes while they are sleeping (voluntarily or not, because of pain/exhaustion). Alertness is increased with the use of noise traps in camps.
  • Increases safety if used while scavenging sheds or other possibly booby-trapped areas.

Butchering the GameEdit

Any character can craft the corpses with a sharp edged tool to get their meat, but using the trapping skill gives you their hides as well, which can be used to make hide gloves and tunics. The meat can be cooked, too, but only trappers can cure it so it lasts longer.


The skill can be used during following encounters:

 Show/Hide Spoiler 

The trapping skill can be used with Hatter to state that "It's a trap!", proving your character's worth to him, thereby allowing you to avoid the dangerous trip to Hidden Lake, which grants you the DMC Pass immediately.

Crafting items using this skillEdit

Small Campfire (friction) 0.25
  •  [  ] Trapping Skill
Squirrel Snare (R*)
(* Trapping skill not needed for disassembly)
  •  [  ] Trapping Skill
Meat and Hide from Small, Furry Corpse
(1 Small Chunk of Meat, 1 Small Animal Hide)
  •  [  ] Trapping Skill
Meat and Hide from Medium, Furry Corpse
(5 Small and 4 Medium Chunks of Meat, 10 Small Chunks of Hide)
  •  [  ] Trapping Skill
Meat and Hide from Dogman Corpse
(8 Small and 7 Medium Chunks of Meat, 1 Dogman Fur Coat)
  •  [  ] Trapping Skill
Cured Small Chunks of Meat over Campfire 0.25
  •  [  ] Trapping Skill
Cured Medium Meat over Campfire 0.50
  •  [  ] Trapping Skill


  1. Cured meat lasts twice as long as cooked meat, however it reduces the character's hydration instead of increasing it as cooked meat does. One should thus try to plan ahead, cooking the meat they'll be able to eat soon while only curing the excess. Or otherwise, just make sure to have a source of water handy.
  2. The Lure attack can be useful for kiting the opponent as the knockdown can buy you time to get further away, but be careful of being tackled, since they're going to fall either way and you'll be stuck recovering while they close the distance instead. Keep this in mind when within range of a tackle(max 3 distance) but out of range of their other attacks.

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