"Can spot older tracks than normal, and can hide tracks more effectively"

Ability Points cost: 1


  • Player tracks wear away faster, while other tracks can be seen for much longer.
  • Hide tracks is more effective - 90% removal on the first attempt, and 99% on second one (without tracking it only removes 50% on the first attempt, and 75% on the second).
  • Allows player to identify whose tracks belong on which hexagon by hovering over it with the mouse


The skill can be used during following encounters:

 Show/Hide Spoiler 
  • In the Cryo Lab, using this skill will provide no benefit but will reveal that a creature wearing a cloak (later indicated to likely be the Merga Wraith) had visited the labs, and was presumably responsible for the player's awakening and/or the Dogmanattack.
  • In Hatter's Headquarters, using the skill will again reveal the tracks of the cloaked creature, the mentioning of which will impress Hatter enough to make him give up the DMC pass without having to work for it.
  • Returning to Strange Forest after the first visit, characters possessing a Tracking skill will be able to use it to search the location to gather a little more additional data about it.


  • Much like Hiding, Tracking is useful for avoiding fights, as it helps reduce the chances of being followed, as well as to help avoid stumbling into a foe unaware.

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