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This is a random encounter that can occur when the player enters a ruined city hex.

In-Game Text Edit

Not much sun makes it into this warehouse. It's dank, and dim.

Inside, you've found three corpses. Looks like they're all women, sprawled on the floor. The clothes are torn. Some flesh, too.

You noticed some raiders coming out earlier. Must've hit an enclave, and carted off the women.

Methodically, you start checking corpses. As you approach the last one, you see movement! She's been knocked around, but she's probably feigning death. Face down, she must think you're a raider.

Choices Edit

  1. Reassure her. Clean her up. Give her the others' clothes. She's frightened.
  2. Tell her that they've all gone, then step back and give her some space. She'll know what to do.
  3. Helping is only asking for trouble. She's still breathing. She'll live. Keep moving.
  4. Hey, free bandages! Take what's left of her clothes.

Outcomes Edit

  1. The woman leaps up, scratches the player, then takes the water and clothing and runs. Player suffers minor scratches. +2 to morality.
  2. Player is barely able to fend of the woman's attack before she runs away screaming.
  3. Player moves on. Encounter ends. -1 to morality.
  4. As player grabs for her clothes, the woman knocks him off balance, then runs away. Minus her ripped clothes. Player receives some rags (2 dirty, 2 clean). -2 to morality.

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