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The Warehouse EncounterEdit

Player enters a City Hex

Not much sun makes it into this warehouse. It's dank, and dim. 

Inside, you've found three corpses. Looks like they're all women, sprawled on the floor. 
The clothes are torn. Some flesh, too. 

You noticed some raiders coming out earlier. Must've hit an enclave, and carted off the women.

Methodically, you start checking corpses. As you approach the last one, you see movement!
She's been knocked around, but she's probably feigning death. 
Face down, she must think you're a raider.


  1. Reassure her. Clean her up. Give her the others' clothes. She's frightened.
  2. Tell her that they've all gone, and then step back and give her some space. She'll know what to do.
  3. Helping is only asking for trouble. She's still breathing. She'll live. Keep moving.
  4. Hey, free bandages! Take what's left of her clothes.


  1. Like a scalded cat, she leaps up rakes her nails across your face. She grabs the water and clothing, then bolts for the door before you can recover.(Injury)
  2. You back off, and explain that it's over. They've gone. A lot of good that does. She comes at you, screaming like a banshee. You barely fend her off with your forearm, and she keeps running out of the warehouse, still screaming. Traumatized, she may never be the same. Looking over the grisly scene here, you may not be either.
  3. Good Samaritans wouldn't last a day out here in the wasteland. First person they stopped to help would probably gut them like a fish. Out here, you only help those who can help you. A busted up, traumatized girl isn't going to be of any use.
  4. With her still face-down, you crouch to get a hold of her clothes. But before you can do anything, she lashes out with legs and knocks you off balance. She kicks you for good measure, then turns to run. You manage to keep hold of her clothes, but they just rip as she bolts out the door in full flight. Oh well, some rags are better than nothing. (Gain Dirty Rags)