It's a tough gig out here if you're not strong, tough, or both. Half of the poeple you meet see you as chattel, or worse. Out here, if you're not a fighter, all you can do is find one and hang on tight.

Which is probably the nature of the couple's relationship ahead. Or at least. was the nature. You're guessing the dude sprawled in the dirt was the strong and/or tough one. Now he's the one with a gaping hole in the back of his skull. Guess he wasn't enough of the strong, or the tough.

He must've played his part, though. Kept them distracted long enough for her to hide. But not from you. Worried, red eyes peering out from a concealed hole, she knows she's been spotted. Nowhere for her to run.


1. Help her out. Let her know you're on her side. (Talk)

(You offer words or kindness, but they fall on distrustful ears. She raked something sharp across your flesh before running off. Player escapes with 1 minor cut.)

2. Rubble scum molls aren't your concern. She can stay in there and rot for all you care. (Escape)

(Nothing happens.)

3. Entice her out. Bet she's got something useful on her. (Lure)

(She hesitates but finally crawls out. Bad move. Player pushes her onto the ground and quickly checks her for loot. Before she realizes it, you are gone. Player escapes with 1 random item(some gummy bears or bullets).

4. Drag her out. If she doens't come good with some useful intel, waste her. (Loot)

(Player manages to grab her by the hair and physically yank her from the rat hole. Asking her "where the goods are?", player presumed that she's just plain slow on the uptake but soon realizes that she's isn't listening any more, appears to have also stopped breathing too.  Player accidentally killed girl and nothing happens. No body/remains.)


  • Outcome Stories
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. You offer words of kindness, but they fall on distrustful ears. She bolts out of her hidey-hole, a ball of hissing, spitting meanness. Rakes something sharp across your flesh before running off. Do you look that much like a predator? Is kindness that foreign a concept? Nursing your wound, you wonder.
  2. Why help her? Why bother with anyone? It's the wastelands. You aren't obligated to help. Especially not the rubble scum. Who cares if they won't be sending you a Christmas card this year?
  3. It takes a while, but you manage to coax her out with words of honey and kindness. She approaches nervously, hesitant, but willing to take a chance on trusting you. Bad move. Knocking her to the ground you roll her over onto her stomach, and quickly frisk her for gear. Found something. And before she realizes what just happened, you're gone.
  4. Getting her out is a real ordeal. The only way you manage is to grab her by her hair, and physically yank her from the rat hole. And man, does she make a racket. After applying a little elbow grease to quiet her down, you ask her"politely", to tell you where the goods are."What goods?" Some people, you lament, are just plain slow on the uptake. You have a short "conversation" with the lady. Expressing your desire to get your hands on the goods. Any goods. You highlight your wonderful sense of humor, and how it's in danger of expiring. Funny thing is, you doubt she's listening any more. Appears to have stopped making breathing sounds. Damn. Gotta work on your interrogation skills.


  • Code Name: Evil 3.2
  • Found in City Hex or Ruins.