Encounter: Edit

A tank. Long since out of juice. Hexagonal holes here and there give away the adaptive camouflage, pried off by enterprising tinkerers. Nobody's bothered to collect the inert hulk. But then, why bother? The wars are over, nobody left here to fight them. A wall has collapsed onto it. You can still see the turret, the imposing barrel bent downward by the force of the rubble. You run your hand over the hull. It has the texture of a hardened LCD screen. There's a noise inside. You tap the side of the turret, and muffled yells respond. People are inside! Squatters trapped when the wall fell? It's too old a wreck to be the crew. You size up the task. It's big. There's a a lot of rubble to shift on your own. You'd be visible and vulnerable while working on it. Choices: Try to help them, tap out fake morse code, walk away, suffocate them.

Choices: Edit

1. Walk away. You're not spending the next week digging. (Nothing happens.)

2. You might not have enough energy or time to rescue them, but you have to try. Hopefully you won't be seen. ( lose a random amount of energy. Nothing happens.)

3.Tap out some made-out morse code on the turret. They'll puzzle over it for days, but you'll leave them with hope. ( Nothing happens.)

4.Ram rubbish down all the air intakes. Seal it off. A quicker death would be doing them a favor. (Nothing happens.

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