Encounter Edit

This is a very dangerous event and 2 out of the 4 choices given would lead to the players death. You've been looking, still no obvious sounds nor signs or movement. It's unnerving. This cavernous shopping mall just doesn't feel right. You spot some sleeping enclavers. Plus a couple of extra standing guard. But that isn't what's making you uneasy.There's something here. Something else. It's too dark to see it but you get the sense the enclavers are being stalked. You've been out in the wastelands long enough to know that enclavers aren't long for this world, anyway. You could probably slip away when it hits them. But should you?

Choices: Edit

1. They appear oblivious to the danger. Shout out a warning. (Enclavers shoot Player to death)

2.Don't risk becoming a target.Get out of there, now. Run! (Player's head is decapitated by a giant bat monster)

3.Wait until the blood starts flowing, then quietly depart. (Lose 4 items, lose a lot of energy)

4.The enclavers have a lot of gear. Wait 'til they're all dead and the creature's gone. (Escape unscathed)

Notes: Edit

1. This is a devastating event and could end any players run, regardless of the quality of gear possessed.

2. This event is probably a reference to the Torchwood series episode: Pack Animals.

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