You watch three Enclavers climb a sewer manhole, one by one. None climb back out, and each is visibly distressed before entering. There are two left now, and they're agitated. You peer down into the sewer. The three Enclavers who climbed down are lying at the bottom of the ladder , unconscious, or worse. Your nose wrinkles in disgust. Rotten egg smell. Convince the remaining enclavers to slide the manhole cover back in place.


1. Their friends are gone. Climbing down is a death sentence.

(Player receive 1 bottle of sterilized water,2 cans of soup and 1 Blinkies snack)

2. Tell them the gas is dissipating, and to try in a few minutes.  

(Nothing happens)

3. Tell them they'll be okay if they move fast, and don't take their packs. You'll stand by and keep lookout.

(You get hit by a crowbar)

4. Take a long, deep breath, and climb down. The least you can do is check to see if they're alive.

(Death. You died from breathing toxic fumes unless you have a gas mask then you will pass out but you will not die from the fumes.)