Part 1Edit

A man with more gold bangles than hair drags a scared young woman towards you, yelling out, "I've got damaged goods here, man. Needs fixing!"
Up close, you notice the bangles are fakes, and the man pockmarked face displays a larcenous streak. He's sized you up as an agent of good. You can't really extend him the same courtesy, though.
Besides, he's got rotten breath.


  1. Ignore the pimp, and patch his girl up. She's bleeding. There are old rags nearby. (Heal)
    (The pimp pays the player either $25 or $500.)

  2. Tell the pimp he can keep his goods. Get somebody else to fix them. Leave. (Retreat)
    (Bad luck about the girl. Nothing happens.)

  3. Ask the pimp how much for some fun? It's been a while. (Talk)
    (The pimp has a hidden knife and slashes the player as they run away. Player escapes with 1 slash wound.)


  • Found in City Ruins
  • Code Name: Good 2.1

Part 2Edit

There is a girl on a mattress, not fully dressed. Some gap-toothed man savagely beating her. He turns as you enter the room. "Didn't get my money's worth, man!" Looks like the same girl you met before. The one with the pimp. Must move around a lot. Her unhappy customer turns back, and slaps her so hard her head recoils into the concrete floor. He's all mean streak and muscles. Not happy. No, sir.


  1. Teach him a lesson. Use that iron bar over there.
    (Earn $100 and possibly a Multitool.)

  2. Try and engage him in conversation, give the girl a chance to escape.
    (The player sustains multiple injuries including a headache.)

  3. Where's the girl's pimp? This is his job. Won't be much left of his girl if he doesn't hurry up.
    (Nothing happens.)

  4. Tell Mr. Muscles that the girl has a disease. Wait until he's really busy before stealing his clothes.
    (The player sustains injuries.)


  • Regarding choice 2, the text says that the man steals your shoes. However, he does not.