Encounter: Edit

This is one huge parking lot. Dead cars, buses, and trucks are jumbled all over. Most of them have been stripped of anything useful. A few serve as shelter to locals. You're caught crossing the lot when the slavers arrive. Sweeping through the lot, they know there's bound to be people hiding amongst the rusted metal hulks. You stay low, and retreat back to the where the biggest concentration of vehicles are. You see a family huddled in the back of a bus, unaware of the danger. There are enough hulks between you and the slavers to offer meager concealment all the way to the remains of the shopping mall. You could make it, maybe ,but you'd need a distraction.

Choices: Edit

1. Warn the family. Tell them you know a way to safety. The odds are long, but you've gotta try.( Get 2 items stolen from you)

2.Get close enough to the bus so you can alert them to the danger, then head for the mall. (Slavers shoot at you, hit once)

3.Ignore the family. They're your ticket out of here. By the time the slavers bundle them up, you'll have reached the mall.( Nothing happens)