The Great Black Swamp

The Great Black Swamp is a desolate area located along the southern border of Michigan.

It is a caustic, contagious swampland drenched with toxic waters. Even the air in the swamp is said to be very toxic. If the player's character stays around the area too long, he risks suffering from Defoliant Exposure.

Exposure can be avoided by using a gas mask (equipped with filters). Covering the player's face with a rag can also help, but is unreliable. There is good loot to be found in the swamp, so it is not a bad idea to scavenge there, once the player acquires the necessary equipment.

Not much is not known about the swamp other than it was rained on with chemical wash after genetically enhanced crops were multiplying out of control.

Possible loot Edit

(this list requires expansion)

  • It is possible to find here a crashed helicopter, containing a very large amount of either canned soup or bottled water. Players can survive on this encounter's resources for a very long time.
  • The Swamp is also a good place to find Caster Wheels.

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