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"Can see one hex further than normal, light and line of sight permitting"

Telescopic Zoom can be acquired by paying $5800 at Haggerty Health Clinic ($5600 for Artificial Eye Replacement, then $200 for Telescopic upgrade)


Allows player to see 1 hex further on the map, exactly like when wearing optics such as Scope or Binoculars.

  • Does not stack with optics. For example, having Telescopic and wearing a Scope still increases vision range by only 1 hex.
  • Stacks with Eagle Eye. Having both skills increases vision range by 2 hexes.


Like the Scope or Binoculars, the skill can be used to scout things from afar during certain encounters.

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At the Detroit Megacity Bank, to spot the teller's keystrokes.

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After you kill the Wraith you can use it to look on something.

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