Wiki Adoption revisitedEdit

Due to the current administrators of the wiki both being in a state of inactivity, along with the recent launch of the full version of the game, it has become necessary for someone to adopt the wiki to gain admin status. Some of the updates needed on the wiki require admin status to complete. I have been communicating with Kaaven at the BBG forums, and have suggested that he make the request for adoption of the wiki. The request has been submitted, and it is now up to Wikia staff to process the request. The purpose of this notice is to advise the users of the wiki that this is taking place, and allow for open discussion about it.

Kaaven has been helping with the wiki for over two years, and has had Rollback status for much of that time. He has maintained a strong presence on the BBG forums throughout the development of the game, and has considerable knowledge and experience with both the game, and also mods for the game. He's even listed in the credits of the game! I hope others will agree when I say that he is the most qualified person for the position of administrator here. I fully support his adoption of the wiki.

 Entharion  My Wall  Contribs  Nemo's Reef  03:06,1/12/2015 

Reason for adoption Edit

There is a lot of admin-only tasks that piled up over the recent period, mainly pages to delete, that need to be sorted out in order to clean the wiki up a bit. So that will be priority now, once/if the wikia staff will allow me to adopt this page.

Untill the process is over, I would like to ask that anyone editing/browsing here, who finds a redundant/double/unnecessary page, to mark it with "Candidates for Deletion" tag. This way, once I can delete them, I will be able to revise the propositions and clean the unnecessary ones quickly.

Thanks! Kaaven (talk) 00:46, January 14, 2015 (UTC)

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