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"Can carry more without being encumbered, melee attacks are more damaging, can create obstacle in combat"

Strong represents the character's physique and physical prowess.

Ability Points cost: 6


  • Encumbrance limit: +50 kg
  • Morale Effects: +30%
  • Melee Attack Multiplier: +50%
  • Unlocks "Create Obstacle" combat move
  • Usable in scavenging: decreases safety and sneak, but increases loot chance.

During EncountersEdit

The skill can be used during following encounters:

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  • at the start of the game, inside the Cryo Facility, to get ready and fight the incoming creature;
  • at the start of the game, inside the Cryo Facility, together with the Melee skill to get ready and fight the incoming creature (this will prevent character from suffering any wounds and will award the Security Footage of that fight as a trophy)
  • at the Allegan Fairgrounds, to push through the Melonhead horde


  • Feeble and Strong are mutually exclusive.
  • Strong is useful for beginner players, as it makes both combat and scavenging easier.

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