String and Twine
String and Twine (both)
Handful and Medium Length of String
Handful of String
Value (at 100%): $0.01
Weight: 0.01 kg
Stack Size: 20
Medium Length of String
Value (at 100%): $0.03
Weight: 0.03 kg
Stack Size: 20

Handful of StringEdit

A handful of string is an important part of any scavenger's equipment, as it offers the ability to attach one thing to another in an easy, reliable, quick, and quiet way under almost any circumstances.

Handfuls of string can be found during scavenging, crafted from tearing apart pieces of old clothing, or simply lying around. Recycling clothing yields five handfuls of string as well as five dirty rags.

Medium Length of StringEdit

This item, location or encounter is not available in the demo version of the game

An irreplaceable piece of salvage, a medium length of string is as useful as random junk can be. Whether in need of a cheap shoulder sling for a rifle, a bow string, or crafting an Indian-style travois - a decent length of string is a very useful material.

These can be found lying around formerly urbanized areas, and in greater quantities from searching those places more thoroughly. They can also be made by combining three shorter pieces of string together.


Rags from Clothes
(5 Dirty Rags, 5 Small String and Twine)
Medium Thread (R) 0.01

Properties and recipe usesEdit

Small String and TwineEdit

  • Kindling:
    • Medium Campfire (lit) (1)
    • Small Campfire (friction) (1)
    • Small Campfire (lit) (1)

Medium String and TwineEdit

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