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This item, location or encounter is not available in the demo version of the game!
Strangler's Hood
Strangler's Hood
Value (at 100%): $0.00
Weight: 0.44 kg
Stack Size: 1

The Strangler's hood is a mask that you can get in the quest Hidden Lake. The hood is taken off a corpse and used to survive the spirit trying to kill you. When equipped in the head slot, the house by the lake is said to feel peaceful.

The Strangler's hood has limited use outside this mission, and is very dangerous to keep equipped. While the hood is being equiped, the character gains superb tracking ability, and 'silence that rasping noise' attack. However, prolonged usage will result in your character dying from being strangled to death by the hood itself. Only way to postpone this is by using said attack move on enemys to death, which will, in turn, loosen the twine in the hood a bit.

You can attempt to outlast it untill it has worn down, however you will die if sleeping with this, hence, its impossible without tons of sodas.

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