This item, location or encounter is not available in the demo version of the game
Dark Forest
The Strange Forest is a small, wooded area, about 11 hexes west of the Cryo Facility. It is also refered to by the game as Hade's Glade in certain death messages.

In the ForestEdit

The vegetation here is very dense, feeling dark and gloomy and the whole area is unnaturally silent. Once the character enters the forest, he has to follow the path through it and find the way out as there is no way back.

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The thick foliage will cause a few cuts on the way, unless using Botany or Hiding skill, in which case the scratches are avoided. Player will have to decide on how to act almost on step by step basis, choosing from different actions, such as scouting ahead by throwing stones, screaming warnings or hiding. Eventually, he will encounter the Beast of Hades Glade.

Once the character defeated or eluded the beast, he will be able to exit the forest safely. During the future visits Strange Forest will not feel so dangerous and Tracking or Botany skill can be used to observe it a little more.

During some play-throughs, after the player has successfully evaded the monster, an elusive lady in white will appear and call him by his name, but will disappear before the character can reach her. On the spot where she stood moments ago the character can find an obviously non-human footprints on the ground and a faint smell of cinnamon in the air, as well as a few items she left for him: a brand new DMC Tracking Bracelet, Nanorobot Medical Kit and a Dog-Be-Gone utility. Note, however, that the DMC Bracelet acquired here will get the player arrested and exiled for one year should he try to enter with it.

Helpful SkillsEdit

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