SkyCorps Security

A skybike, belonging to the SkyCorps security force, will arrive at the scene during certain encounters if the character is breaking the law or disturbing order. Security can also be called by DMC citizens.

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Faced with a surrender demand by the skybike's jockey, the player can decide to surrender and be arrested immediately or try to flee. Escape is no easy task, keeping in mind that the security guard is operating a skybike armed with a sensor array, as well as a stun cannon. A character possessing the Hacking or Electrician skill can try to find the skybike's blind spot. Then, using the Athletic skill, a character can run fast enough to gain some time to execute one of the given strategies. Players can also use the strange mechanical doll, if they obtained it from the Isotope Mine encounter, to successfully escape the skybike. However, the character will be arrested as a suspect and exiled upon his next visit to the DMC Gate.

If the player manages to escape the security guard he can try to blend in with the crowd using the Hiding skill. However, the skybike still manages to follow the player, which leads him to the conclusion that he is tracked somehow. Afterwards the option to search the inventory for tracking devices becomes available. If the Detroit Megacity Tracking Bracelet is destroyed (unequip or laying down won't work), and all electronic devices are powered off, the player can hide again, this time escaping the police for good. However, attempting to re-enter the city will result in a two-year exile sentencing and DMC Pass revocation.

When captured, as well as in case of surrender, the armored personnel carrier will arrive at the scene and the guards will take the character in. He will be then taken into the security office and, after a long and boring wait, presented with this sentence:

  • After the encounter at the Detroit Savings Bank, the character will be presented with two charges: "first degree criminal trespassing" and "unauthorized access to a computer with intent to commit an offense" and sentenced for one year of exile from DMC. After that he will be escorted out of the gates with his DMC Pass revoked.
  • When captured while fleeing the Cale McAllen's apartment in the Concrete Forest Apartments he will be charged with: "first-degree criminal trespassing", "unauthorized access to a computer with intent to commit an offense", "fraud and misuse of visas", "conspiracy to defraud the City of Detroit", "consorting with a known felon" (the Hatter) and "failure to disclose personal information". He will be then sentenced for two years of exile from DMC and escorted out of the gates with his DMC Pass revoked.