This item, location or encounter is not available in the demo version of the game
Shotgun Shells
12 Gauge - 00 Buckshot, Slug
00 Buckshot - Slug
Value (at 100%): $50.00
Weight: 0.05 kg
Stack Size: 5
00 Buckshot
Value (at 100%): $60.00
Weight: 0.05 kg
Stack Size: 5
Value (at 100%): $60.00
Weight: 0.05 kg
Stack Size: 5

Shotgun shells are items put into a shotgun's ammo slot to allow the user to fire it. There are two types available: 12-gauge Slug (red shells) and 12-gauge 00 Buckshot (grey shells). Both stack up to five shells, one stack of which can be loaded at a time. Different shell types do not stack together.

Slugs are solid lead projectiles designed for hunting larger game while buckshot cartridges are filled with smaller lead pellets. Due to pellet spread, the buckshot can inflict multiple wounds with a single shot.

In the game, total damage potential is roughly equal for both types of ammo, and both cause massive bleeding wounds and severe bruising.

As with all types of firearm ammunition, in truly desperate situations, the propellant inside the shells can be used as kindling in most fire-starting recipes.

Properties and recipe usesEdit

  • Kindling:
    • Medium Campfire (lit) (1)
    • Small Campfire (friction) (1)
    • Small Campfire (lit) (1)
  • Small Kindling (unlit):