Sepsis is a medical condition which occasionally occurs when the infected open wounds are left unattended. It causes the infection to spread and puts the victim's entire body in an inflamed state. If left untreated, sepsis is one hundred percent fatal.

Sepsis can sometimes be contracted if the victim has previously lost blood.


The disease affects the whole body of the victim, greatly weakening them as it progresses. Affected person suffers from:

  • Decreased healing per hour
  • Decreased the immune system
  • Increased food consumption rate
  • Increased rate of fatigue
  • Increased water consumption rate
  • Increased sensitivity to temperature


There are several ways to stave off sepsis.

  • Nanorobot treatment, either personal via (Nanorobot Medkit) or at the clinic - to boost the rates lowered by the disease
  • Drinking tannin tea to increase the immune system's effectiveness
  • Staying well hydrated and fed
  • Camping in a place with a high shelter value; staying out of the rain
  • Keeping close attention to body temperature; sepsis requires the player to stay warm, while increasing rate at which their body loses temperature

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