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Grassy plains ease you in as you follow the silent roads. As steel skies rumble, the wind runs away from where you're headed. You pass dozens of cars turned on their side and bearing war paint: bright slashes of sky blue.
As the road bends in to a small patch of forest, a worn-down sign reads: 'SAGINAW MENTAL INSTITUTION'. From the voids left by missing letters, you make out the words: 'Reaching wellness'. Now all it says is 'aching'.
A clearing opens up ahead. There, a menacing building stretches almost a mile wide with impunity. You see Blue Frogs at the doors, armed to all hell. Two floors. Boarded windows. One entrance. Your choices are few. You hide behind a car and consider how to infiltrate the stronghold of a murderous cult.


Saginaw Mental Institution is the stronghold of the Blue Frog cult (also known as the Church of the Blue Frog), led by King Elias. Successfully exploring this place reveals several details about Philip Kindred's past and possibly the cure for Blue Rot.

The Institution can be found 10 hexes north and 12 hexes east of the Hidden Lake location. From the Cryo Facility, it is 28 hexes north and 40 hexes east.


Upon entering the hex, the player will find heavily-armed Blue Frogs guarding the entrance to the mile-wide compound. The player is initially presented with few options: leave, attack the guards, or profess new faith in the Blue Frog Church. Other options may be available, dependent upon the player's skills and/or items. To fully explore the story, the option to "Profess new faith" must be chosen.


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Upon entering you end up in a storage room. There are 5 options: Look around, Talk to the Blue Frog, Check your things, Go to the east wing, and leaving. Looking around adds a Blue Frog sash and a gas mask. You can wear those as a disguise to walk around some parts of the facility unnoticed. Talking to the Blue Frog and checking your things does nothing.

Going into the east wing leads to a fork. You can head west into the foyer, east to the auditorium, or keep going down the north hallway. All three lead to instant death without a disguise. After further exploring the institute you will have the option to go upstairs. When you go upstairs a girls voice will call out to you to stop and go back. If you continue upwards you will instantly die, unless carrying a lit Giizhik smudge stick. You then play a game with her, getting medical records for Meredith Ewing as a reward, gain back a memory of being admitted to Saginaw the first time and get teleported outside. Further return to Saginaw is impossible.


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After heading in, you can go through the east or west hallways with arms raised, up the stairs, or leave.

  • If you go up the stairs, you encounter Ginny, a little girl with a bag over her head. She tells you to run.
    • If you follow her, the two of you escape from a creature named Odo. She then offers to restore "some of your forgetties" if you play a game with her. Some vague memories are gained, then the player is teleported outside. Attempting to return to the Institution does nothing.
    • If you stay, you get eaten by Odo.
  • Going through the hallways will get you shot.

Inside the InstitutionEdit

Ruin dominates the interior of the Saginaw Mental Institution. Water damage and mold claim the peeling walls; bits of splintered ceiling, grime, and smashed glass occupy every surface; decades of abuse mark the scattered furniture. The place feels like a monstrous, dead giant, an asylum's carcass sprouting a savage temple, and you're standing in its jaws.
From the bright blue swaths of fabric hanging from the high ceilings to the Blue Frog insignia cutting through the decay, the cult has branded everything. Every so often, a far-off scream interrupts the silence.
From the foyer, dark hallways extend east and west beyond broken gates. You also see a stairwell across the room. If you listen closely, you can hear a commanding voice from the east.

The TrialsEdit

Upon professing to the new religion, you are told to choose from 3 trials: the Water, Fire or Light. These trials cause the Player to suffer a form of pain, as this is the way of the Blue Frog religion.

  • If you choose the Trial of Water, they will waterboard you. The water that enters your system will eventually induce gastroenteritis.
  • If you choose the Trial of Fire, you are put in an oven and nearly burned/asphyxiated to death before being pulled out.
  • If you choose the Trial of Light, you will be put into an electric chair. Surviving is only possible with the Tough skill, though with injuries.

It is recommended to do the Trial of Water, since it does not result in immediate injury.

Future of the Blue FrogEdit

You're dragged from the room. Voices congratulate you, but as if from miles away. You feel like you're waking with the slowness of surfacing through tar.
You become aware that you're in a large auditorium with a dome structure in the middle. Before it stands a Blue Frog, clad in ornate robes and a gas mask with a crown motif, standing on a dental chair. You hear only the tail end of his sermon.

After the trial, Philip is taken to the Blue Frog leader, King Elias, by the Bishop, Edward Kincaid. The king asks who you are. Answering with your real name (Philip Kindred) causes a stir in the mass, revealing you to be their "prophesized savior".

The king then takes Philip to a back chamber, then performs the "Remembrance Ritual" (in actuality, a Regressive Hypnosis session). Parts of Philip's memory comes back, but it's only a brief moment when he was checked into the institution.

The King then asked what he has to do to save the Church. The player can tell him either (1) the church is doomed, (2) he should believe in the Blue Frog, (3) you have no answers for him, or (4) the church needs a new King.


If you tell him the church is doomed, he will show you a prophecy stating that "Only Frogs will survive the Flood."

  • The Flood is a lie - King Elias gives you the YpcV formula, the only guaranteed cure for Blue Rot. He then leaves the church and heads to Clearbone Valley. All confiscated items are also returned.
  • The flood has already come - the King lets the player go with his possessions, then leaves the church to wander the land.


If you tell him to believe in the Blue Frog, the Bishop bursts in angrily and tries to convince the King that he is being deluded.

  • If you tell the Bishop to screw himself, you are locked up.
  • If you tell the Bishop that "the righteous are always tempted", it leads you to a decision where you can tell the King to trust you, tell the King the choice is his, or challenge the Bishop to a trial of pain.
    • The first leads to being locked up for a long time before a little girl lets you out with the warning to not come back. If you do come back, she won't let you in, but you can still loot the bodies for a ton of loot, or being executed.
    • The second makes the King go mad, running around shooting up the Institution. The player will make an escape, but without any of his possessions. The King will become an NPC in the wasteland, presumably killing every creature he sees.
    • The third begins a sort of trial to determine who is "purer", Phillip or the Bishop. He will pick the Trial of Light and appear nervous, but if with Trapping, Eagle Eye or Hiding, the player can notice that the Bishop is only pretending. You can refuse the Trial of Light and do the Trial of Water. During the trial, the king collapses and dies after naming Queen Liza as his successor, and the Bishop escapes. Liza gives Philip a choice of gifts before banishing him, after which she will wander the Wasteland as an NPC. The gifts are:
      • To become the Bishop of the Blue Frog. She tells you that it is too dangerous and that she is abolishing the position, so your request is denied, but will reward you with the Sapphire Lily sash, which has the same effect as a normal Blue Frog Sash, stopping Blue Frog members from attacking (increases reputation).
      • Saginaw patient records. You'll be rewarded with some pages from the Blue Frog book, containing your medical records. This reveals that you were once a patient at Saginaw and you were admitted to the institution with a "Warding Talisman, Anishinaabe Tribe".
      • A cache of medical supplies. You'll be rewarded with a nanorobot medical kit with three charges and three bottles of pills, containing 10 AquaPur, 10 Amoxicillin, and 20 Cavilo painkillers ($1803 worth of items).
      • Sometimes, you will be given a fourth option: advanced hunting gear. This rewards you with a .308 hunting rifle with a scope and strap, 10 SP rifle rounds and fully-charged night vision goggles. This option does not appear every time - however, it can be gained by pressing space bar with no option chosen, refreshing your options until it becomes available.

No AnswerEdit

  • If you tell him you have no answers, he is disappointed and kicks you out before leaving to wander the Wasteland. The player is given some pages from the Blue Frog book.

New KingEdit

  • If you tell him they need a new king, the player announces that he is taking over.
  • This will result in the King saying that you are an impostor. All choices result in instant death.

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