Resource items are a special type of items, representing a general "source" of certain items rather than any particular object.

They all possess unique properties, not seen in the other items.

  • are guaranteed to be found on certain hexes
  • cannot decay, be depleted or destroyed in any way
  • cannot be moved in any way

Resource GatheringEdit

There are 2 ways to gather resources

  • In older versions, player needs to open the Crafting screen, put the resource into the ingredient part, then click Craft.
  • In a recent version (1.13), player can simply "Use" the resource icon to generate the corresponding items. When using Power Tap, an extra action is required: right-click and choose "Empty Out".

Types of resourcesEdit

Picture Name Generates (per use):
Lake 6x Water Droplet (untested)
River 6x Water Droplet (untested)
Marsh 6x Water Droplet (untested)

1x Large Tree Branch

10x Medium Tree Branch

10x Twigs & Bark

Power tap
Unlicensed Power Tap 2x 20 Electric Charges

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