Note: When adding new encounters, please refer to the guidelines posted on the talk page attached to this one. This caveat shall be removed when all possible encounters in the game have been catalogued.

Random Encounters are a category of encounters that are not tied to any particular place or event in the game, and can occur any time the player enters an urban-type hex.

They are utterly unpredictable, offer no warnings, and often catch new or unprepared players unaware. They can have quite unexpected results (depending on options selected in the encounter), and can either cause the player to receive a positive boon of some sort, make little impact at all, or may also be detrimental in nature, sometimes even to the player's ultimate demise. It is therefore advisable to exercise caution when these encounters present themselves, as even a small misunderstanding in their descriptions can make a huge difference in their outcomes.

A number of encounters will only become available to the player in a particular order. These encounter "groups" can be identified in the list below, and usually have two or three encounters in the group.

The Abandoned CarEdit

Player finds an abandoned car with a sleeping bag.


  1. Leave.
  2. Throw something.
  3. Take sleeping bag.
  4. Use tracking ability.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. Player leaves the car and cannot return.
  2. Player throws a rock, and can choose again.
  3. A sleeping bag appears on the ground. Chance: 75% "Trek" type, 25% "Pharaoh" type.
  4. Player finds a body and a right-foot boot. Player can then choose another option.

This encounter is not truly random. The first time a player develops severe hypothermia in a game, this encounter will occur, regardless of location or circumstance. It is intended to be a sort of "grace period" to avoid freezing to death in the early game.

The ArcadeEdit

Player finds an arcade, now occupied by Blue Frogs, and a man hanging from a rope, but not dead.


  1. Cut him down.
  2. Put him out of his misery.
  3. Leave him dangling.
  4. Frisk the corpses.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. The man gives the player a rifle bullet or (2-4) ketchup before waving him away.
  2. Player kills the man and leaves.
  3. Player leaves.
  4. Froggers show up and player hides, then leaves when the coast clears.

Blue Frog FanaticEdit

The Church of the Blue Frog doesn't have much room for unbelievers, judging by that arcade you saw a while back. Player finds a big Blue frog fanatic whipping captives.


  1. Move in fast with the rock.
  2. Throw the rock as hard as you can.
  3. Mind your own business
  4. Pretend to be a Frogger and join in
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. Player kills Frogger if he has ranged and finds antibiotics or pain killers.
  2. Players didn't cause any damage to fanatic, and was forced to flee.
  3. Player leaves.
  4. Player will be tortured to death.

Baby Back RibsEdit

Player finds three bandits roasting a small corpse in a bank lobby. They hold a woman and her baby captive.


  1. Pay any price.
  2. Buy the woman's freedom.
  3. Try a new culinary experience.
  4. Offer to prepare the meat.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. Player has six random items removed from inventory. Bandits keep the woman and child. Chance that player loses no items and bandits leave woman and child alone.
  2. Player has one random item removed from inventory. Woman stays with the child (and bandits).
  3. Bandits refuse the player, and chase him away.
  4. Bandits kill the woman. They and the player eat their fill. Player's hunger meter is completely filled.

The Blue Frog PriestEdit

Player finds a Blue Frog Priest in a church. He appears eager to launch into a sermon.


  1. Listen. And donate.
  2. Offer help only.
  3. Leave.
  4. Loot the church.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. After a seemingly endless message, the player loses two random items.
  2. The priest needs food. Player loses a random food item.
  3. Player ignores the priest's tirade as he leaves.
  4. Player triggers a trapped box (causing stage 1 poisoning), and finds 6-12 whiskey, plus (75% chance) 1-3 rifle rounds.

Canned SalmonEdit

A woman is calling to the player from a window, claiming to have lots of canned salmon in the store below her.


  1. Leave.
  2. Ask her to come down.
  3. Start a small fire.
  4. Burn the building and the people in it.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. Player waves and walks away.
  2. The woman refuses, door bursts open. Player runs away.
  3. Wind picks up and fans the flames, killing the inhabitants. Player receives a new lighter.
  4. Player knocks out the woman and a man when they flee the fire. Player receives a new lighter, plus (50% chance) a new rifle.

Cooking EnclaversEdit

Roast MeatEdit

Player spots a pair of enclavers cooking during a camp and a band of rubble scum sneaking up on them, undetected.


  1. Throw a rock.
  2. Move back into the shadows and watch.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. The rock warns them, but not fast enough. Player retreats, unable to help any further.
  2. Player, hidden, watches as the rubble scum kill the enclavers.


Player spots a group of enclavers whose campfire is out of control. Now they are trapped in the burning building as a gang of rubble scum closes in.


  1. Run to them and show the way to safety.
  2. Yell to them from the window.
  3. Get out of there.
  4. Stay till it's over and eat what remains.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. Player is not fast enough and is cut (50/50 minor/moderate) before he can retreat. The enclavers die in the fire.
  2. The enclavers escape, and the bandits go after the player. He gets away, but has a 50% chance to lose one random item.
  3. Player leaves, without trying to help the trapped enclavers.
  4. Player eats some burnt meat after everyone is dead or gone. He then vomits and has a 50% chance to get gastroenteritis.


Player finds some friendly enclavers in a basement drinking and cooking rats over a fire.


  1. Join the party.
  2. Take responsibility and snuff out the fire.
  3. Stand guard at street level.
  4. Leave immediately.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. Bandits break in and kill everyone, including the player.
  2. Player kicks dirt over the fire, angering the enclavers, who throw him out. Player suffers minor bruising and moderate cuts.
  3. Player notices bandits and yells a warning which goes unheeded. Player then leaves it all behind.
  4. Player resists temptation and takes off into the shadows.


Player finds a group of slavers (and slaves) in a disused correctional facility.


  1. Investigate.
  2. Leave.
  3. Burn the plastic rubbish.
  4. Buy slave to resell.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. Player finds a newspaper or 4 rifle rounds in a box on the roof.
  2. Player catches foot on a bolt on the way out, and loses a shoe.
  3. Player starts a toxic fire and then leaves, gaining a new lighter.
  4. Slavers chase the player, and he loses two random items while fleeing.

Police StationEdit

Player stumbles into a Police Station with the same slavers that were back at the prison. Player is hidden and thinks of a way to escape, mostly via making a fire as a distraction but realizes that the slavers are working over a group of children. A few choices are available.

Slave Encounter - You'll find the same group of children and slavers from the police station. You have a makeshift molotov.

The CraziesEdit

Ruins 1

The player enters a Ruins hex.

The crazies. Most of them die off fairly quick. No sense of self-preservation. Occasionally you find one that knows how to look after himself. Unless they get in the way, everybody just ignores them. Safer that way.
Which is what a really smart operator would want you to think. Someone able to move through the urban jungle at will, invisible in plain sight.
Could be the case with this one, talking on his phone. Yakking away, loudly, to an imaginary friend. You're pretty sure there hasn't been a working cell net out here since the big one went down.
He holds up a rolled paper cigar. "Hey, mister, can you give me a light?" Then, you notice them: scalps. Tied to his belt. Small ones. Children?


  1. Back away. Draw your weapon, and make it clear you are prepared to use it.
  2. Give the man a light. Carefully. Cautiously.
  3. He's a kid killer. Do him. Now.
  4. Ask how much he wants for a scalp.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. The psycho ones are the worst. More dangerous than an angry mob of gangers. It doesn't take long 'til he gets the message: you aren't an easy target. Easier pickings elsewhere.
  2. Man, he's fast! King Cobra fast. A knife flashes out of his coat before you can react. He goes down when you kick him, but you've been hurt. You break clear, and head for somewhere safe where you can inspect the wound.
  3. It's a harsh world, but you know in your bones that there's no future without children.
    His act is good, but yours is better. Dumb and slow is your specialty. Gives people a false sense of confidence.
    Once it's over and you've wiped the blood off, you rifle through his garments. There's at least one decent multitool.
  4. You nod towards the scalps and ask, "How much?" Apparently they aren't for sale. It's obvious now that you shouldn't have even mentioned them. Extremely protective of his scalps, this one. His blank eyes narrow, shoulders hunching. He's a predator about to lunge. Stepping back, you trip over the curb. Before you know what's happening, he's upon you, knife at your throat, crazed eyes inches from your own. Terrified, you tense for the end. You open your eyes, and he's gone. You can barely stand from all the shaking, and you wonder: why he didn't kill you?


Hungry BoyEdit

Player encounters a drugged-up dealer demanding food. As the player moves on, the dealer implores him to help his boy, who is peering out from the dealer's legs.


  1. Have the kid come over. Give all the food you just found.
  2. Throw food to the kid.
  3. Tell dealer to feed his own kid.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. The kid tries to stay with the player, who fends him off with more food. The kid comes back to hug the player and drops some money in a pocket. Player receives $100 or $500 (50/50 chance).
  2. The dealer grabs the food and eats it all, then beats the kid. Player resists being provoked, backs away, then leaves. Player gains a full water bottle, full can of soup, and Blinkies.
  3. Player does not help at all, and gains a full water bottle, 2 cans of soup, and Blinkies.
  4. Player attacks the dealer, who dodges and stabs the player several times before the player can get away. Player suffers minor and possibly moderate cuts.


Player sees another dealer, alternately mouthing the words "Help Me" between wooden-sounding sales pitches.


  1. Try to help.
  2. Keep walking.
  3. Tell him off.
  4. Lay him out with a punch.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. Player looks around and discovers that the dealer is wired to some heavy explosives. As the player begins to leave, the dealer throws a wad of cash while making one last plea for help. The player apologizes for being unable to help, but receives $250 or $500 (50/50 chances).
  2. Player walks on. Encounter ends.
  3. Player yells at the dealer, then recalls the previous guy and leaves.
  4. Player charges at the dealer, who does not resist the player's strike, but instead, screams as an explosion hurls the player away. Player suffers minor and moderate bruises.

Dealer And His KidEdit

Player encounters a dealer who collapses halfway through his sales pitch. The player would have left, if not for the kid begging him to help his daddy.


  1. See what can be done for him.
  2. Avoid getting involved.
  3. Tell the kid his daddy's a goner.
  4. Kick the kid away.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. The dealer ODed on something. Nothing to be done, but the boy won't let go of the player. He finally senses the player's unease, and runs in the house for a wad of cash, which he gives the player. It's then that the boy starts bleeding from the nose. The player leaves him, but feels bad about it. Player receives $500 or $1000 (50/50), but also has 25% chance to get hepatitis.
  2. Player leaves with the boy crying over his dad. Encounter ends.
  3. The hard truth causes the boy to cry. Encounter ends.
  4. The boy sneezes blood on the player's face while getting the kid off him. 50% chance to contract hepatitis.

DMC TouristsEdit

DMC TouristEdit

Player encounters a well-dressed chubby man who claims to be the only survivor of a DMC tour that crashed. He says he'll pay well for help getting back to DMC.


  1. Give him something.
  2. Point the way.
  3. Lose him.
  4. Shake him down.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. The man takes food and drink, then yells at the player. Player ignores him and leaves.
  2. The man becomes irate, but the player doesn't care. Encounter ends.
  3. The player leaves the man to fend for himself.
  4. Player makes the man strip, then loots his belongings. Player gains a t-shirt, hoodie, random pair of pants, and (currently 75% chance – may be a bug) a "Pharaoh" sleeping bag.

Dirty RiversEdit

Player encounters a tourist with high-class gear who fell in a rivulet. After helping him out of the water, the player informs him of the filthy condition of the water.


  1. Drop the scare tactics and help him.
  2. Convince him it was a joke.
  3. Dispose of his clothes while he has a shower.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. The tourist goes berserk, loudly demanding that the player give him decontamination right away. The player must use bodily force to break the tourist's grip, and a group of rubble scum are drawn to the commotion. Player loses three random items while running away.
  2. The tourist breaks into tears as the player leaves him.
  3. Player reassures the tourist as he enters the shower to wait for the player to turn it on. Player gains whiskey, "Pharaoh" sleeping bag, nanorobot medical kit, and binoculars.


Player encounters a third fat tourist who is limping and has a head wound. The player considers what cannibals would do for such a specimen.


  1. Give him directions out of town.
  2. Tell him to hitchhike.
  3. Take him to the cannibals.
  4. Keep him there and make a deal with cannibals.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. The tourist seems unable to concentrate, so the player instructs him to walk to the end of the street. Encounter ends.
  2. Player leaves the man to his own devices.
  3. The tourist falls down an open manhole and breaks his leg. Player leaves him to the giant sewer rats.
  4. Player breaks the guy's kneecaps and goes in search of cannibals, but can't find any. When he returns, the tourist is gone, and the player suffers minor/moderate injuries from a gun blast before scrambling to safety.

Enclavers In DangerEdit

Office BuildingEdit

Player finds a man trying to save a woman from falling from a crumbling office building. Their backpack lies nearby.


  1. Run to help.
  2. Do nothing.
  3. Take the backpack.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. Halfway to them, the floor gives way. Player suffers minor or moderate bruising (50/50 chance). Enclavers fall to their deaths.
  2. Player walks away as a longer shriek echoes through the air, then all becomes silent.
  3. Player takes the backpack as the woman falls. Player receives a new "Yukon" backpack, as the contents were junk.


Player finds an enclaver hanging by one hand from a crumbling balcony. Rubble scum are pouring into the foyer below.


  1. Haul him to safety.
  2. Leave him dangling and escape.
  3. Pull him up, break his leg and leave him as a distraction.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. During the rescue, the balcony gives way. Player and enclaver fall. Player suffers 2-5 minor and moderate bruises, then scrambles away.
  2. Player calls to the enclaver, to keep him hanging on, then leaves quietly.
  3. Player helps the man up, then breaks his leg with a lamp. As rubble scum charge, the player runs from the room. The floor gives way, and the player suffers minor and moderate bruises before winding through rooms and corridors to safety.


Player finds an enclaver couple going at it on a hotel bed. A slaver hunting party is sweeping the building.


  1. Warn the couple.
  2. Close the door. Hope the slavers miss them.
  3. Jam the door open. Ensure they're found.
  4. Sneak in and rob them.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. The couple doesn't notice as the player tries to warn them. Player hides under the bed as the slavers kill the man and take the girl. 75% chance for the player to get hepatitis from body fluids that land on him.
  2. Player closes the door quietly and leaves, knowing the slavers will eventually find the couple.
  3. Player jams some debris under the door out of spite. Encounter ends.
  4. The couple never notices the player looting them. Player receives dirty rags, 4 shoes, pants, bottled water and Blinkies.

The SewersEdit

Rotten EggsEdit

Player finds some enclavers. Three are unconscious below a sewer manhole, which smells of rotten eggs. Two more remain above.


  1. Take a deep breath and climb down.
  2. Replace cover.
  3. Have them try again.
  4. Have them leave their packs and descend.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. Player blacks out while climbing up. 50% chance to die from the fumes.
  2. Player convinces the enclavers to leave their friends and cover the hole. Player receives some food/water (Full bottle of water (sterilized), two cans of soup, and 1-3 "Blinkies" snack cakes).
  3. After one enclaver climbs down, the player pushes the last one in. Cannibals show up and chase the player away before he can grab their packs.
  4. Player watches the enclavers die below and then drags their packs into a building to loot. Player is interrupted by some rubble scum inside, who attack with crowbars. Player is hit once and sustains minor or moderate bruising (50/50 chance).
  5. If the player has a working gas mask, he can safely check the bodies for a pulse. After confirming their death, the player receives the same food/water as in #2 above.
  6. With a crude air filter equipped (but no gas mask), the player may breathe deep and check the bodies. He will black out as in #1 above, though he will not die.

Storm GrateEdit

Player finds a storm grate and hears a woman in distress. She's heading right to where you are now. And looks like something's chasing her.

  1. Give the woman a helping hand

2. Yell to the woman the right way out

3. Leave her be

Show/Hide Outcome

1. ??? (Player receives injury?)

2. Woman starts running and half-way up the ladder has her legs mauled off by a creature, Encounter ends.

3. ??? (Woman dies)


Dog's DenEdit

Player finds a camp of blue froggers being hunted by a dogman.


  1. Shout a warning and risk attracting the Dogman.
  2. Stay quiet and observe.
  3. Attract attention of Froggers, hoping to incite the Dogman to attack them.
 Show/Hide Outcome 
  1. Dogman chases you through building, minor injury suffered, fate of Froggers unclear (Athletic ability helps?)
  2. Dogman kills the froggers, player leaves without loot
  3. Dogman kills the froggers, player comes back later to loot them.

Bus TerminalEdit

Player finds a man darting towards him while being chased by rubble scum. Player dove under a bus and a few choices are available.

Funeral ParlorEdit

Player finds a man, woman and child sleeping inside one of the coffins in a funeral parlor and immediately traps them from getting out. A few choices are available.

The Gas StationEdit

taking the shoes will give you a pair of 100% Pearson "Wakefield" pack boots

The LimoEdit

Player will see thugs guarding a limo.  They will drag the player into it.  Inside is a woman giving birth.  The player can either help or not.  A character without medicine was able to help the woman and leave unmolested, but further testing is needed. (more information needed)

Heroic StrangerEdit

They've cornered you. Some lucky gangers managed to back you into a dead-end alley. They're closing in, smelling blood in the water. The future's looking pretty grim. But then somebody shows up. And he's packing. The gangers hesitate. A the stranger holds them up, you duck into the door he appears from. Then, just as suddenly, the situation shifts. The gangers are no longer scared. Why? They split up, and move in fast. You watch the stranger cock the weapon and aim, but the nearest ganger just keeps coming, unperturbed. Maybe they're calling his bluff? Choices:Help the man, leave the door open,slam the door, jam the door.

Show/Hide Outcome

2. Leave the door open giving him a chance, but watch as the gangers beat the man to death. Player slams the door closed and encounter ends.

Infected Dying ManEdit

The man's skin is covered in red, weeping pustules. The fever is tearing into him. Lying on a stinking mattress, shivering, delirious.He's gaunt. Malnourished. His body unable to resist the disease that,s consuming him. The flesh on his bare feet is torn and rotten. Oozing ulcers dot his lower legs.It's clear that he's been abandoned. Might explain that bottle of water you stumbled across. Nobody wants to be near a dying man, especially an infected one.Player gets the options to mercy kill, leave the man with the bottle, leave or collect infectious puss.

Injured DogEdit

The whimpering tells you that this dog is hurting bad. It limped up behind you when it sat down for a rest. Now it won't leave.Cute dog though.
1.Do what you can to help the dog

2.Pat on the dog and leave

3.Throw rocks at dog until the dog leaps away (nothing happens)

4. Attact the dog

Puppy LoveEdit

Player finds another dog, just as cute as the last one, but this time a young, healthy puppy. Player can't help but noticed how much meat there is on him, a few choices are available.

The Parking LotEdit

This is one huge parking lot. Dead cars, buses, and trucks are jumbled all over. Most of them have been stripped of anything useful. A few serve as shelter to locals. You're caught crossing the lot when the slavers arrive. Sweeping through the lot, they know there's bound to be people hiding amongst the rusted metal hulks. You stay low, and retreat back to the where the biggest concentration of vehicles are. You see a family huddled in the back of a bus, unaware of the danger. There are enough hulks between you and the slavers to offer meager concealment all the way to the remains of the shopping mall. You could make it, maybe , but you'd need a distraction.
1. shout to them about the danger

2.sneak close and tell them about the danger.

3. run to the mall, the family is your ticket out (nothing happens)

The PimpEdit

Part 1Edit

A man with more gold bangles than hair drags a scared woman towards you, yelling out that the wounded girl needs fixing. A few choices are available.If you help woman the she will give you $500 and has a chance of giving you an illness.

  1. Ignore the pimp, and patch up his girl up. She's bleeding. There are old rags nearby. (Player recieves $25)
  2. Tell the pimp he can keep his goods. Get somebody else to fix them. Leave.

3. Ask the pimp how much for some fun? It's been a while.

Part 2Edit

The RoninEdit

Part 1Edit

Player comes across a Ronin with an injured foot. He holds his gun at waist level and is pointing it at you. Options are to heal his foot, throw him a discarded shoe and walk away, roll dodge away, or kill him and take his stuff. Healing his foot will reward you with 2 "Gelli Bears" or bullets. (It is believed that encountering this event is a prerequisite to The Ronin Part 2 event)

Part 2Edit

Player enters a hex containing a Ruin. Again the player encounters the Ronin with the injured foot. (It is believed that The Ronin Part 1 encounter is a prerequisite to this event.)

The Shopping MallEdit

This is a very dangerous event and 2 out of the 4 choices given would lead to the players death. You've been looking, still no obvious sounds nor signs or movement. It's unnerving. This cavernous shopping mall just doesn't feel right. You spot some sleeping enclavers. Plus a couple of extra standing guard. But that isn't what's making you uneasy.There's something here. Something else. It's too dark to see it but you get the sense the enclavers are being stalked. You've been out in the wastelands long enough to know that enclavers aren't long for this world, anyway. You could probably slip away when it hits them. But should you?

The TankEdit

A tank. Long since out of juice. Hexagonal holes here and there give away the adaptive camouflage, pried off by enterprising tinkerers. Nobody's bothered to collect the inert hulk. But then, why bother? The wars are over, nobody left here to fight them. A wall has collapsed onto it. You can still see the turret, the imposing barrel bent downward by the force of the rubble. You run your hand over the hull. It has the texture of a hardened LCD screen. There's a noise inside. You tap the side of the turret, and muffled yells respond. People are inside! Squatters trapped when the wall fell? It's too old a wreck to be the crew. You size up the task. It's big. There's a a lot of rubble to shift on your own. You'd be visible and vulnerable while working on it. Choices: Try to help them, tap out fake Morse code, walk away, suffocate them.

The Tough GigEdit

Player finds a couple ahead, or at least what's left of it. The dude sprawled in the dirt was the strong and/or tough one but now there's one gaping hope in the back of his skull. He must've played his part, kept them distracted long enough for her to hide. She knows she's been spotted and there's nowhere for her to run.

Ammo CrateEdit

Player finds a diseased enclaver, the last one you saw had smallpox. But this one, who knows? Anyway he's going to give you an entire crate of ammo if you help him. He's sitting right on it.

Gaping SinkholeEdit

Player finds an injured man in a sinkhole inside a plaza. He has a broken leg and waves to the player to help him.

Three CorpsesEdit

Not much sun makes it into this warehouse. It's dank, and dim... The player spots bandits coming out of an old warehouse. Once the bandits have gone the player investigates and finds 3 female corpses inside brought there by the bandits after a raid on a settlement or some such, probably with the intent of feasting upon them.The player notices that one of the women is still breathing and feigning death believing you are a raider.

Your options include the following.(not verbatim)

  1. Clean the girl up, try to help her.
  2. Back up and tell her it's over the bandits are gone.
  3. Leaving her there, you don't want trouble.
  4. Take her/their clothes for bandages, they wont need them.

So far the only known facts about this encounter are listed below.

Choosing the 2nd option of backing up and telling the woman that "It's all over, they're gone now."(Out of only one encounter) leads to the woman charging and attacking the player then running off into the distance apparently mentally scarred from the ordeal, and the player mentioning their own mental state teetering toward a breaking point from witnessing the scene. (sampled from one encounter)The player suffers no injuries, gains no items, and is taken back to the main map.

Option 1 results in 1 minor injury - The woman leaps up and rakes her nails across the player's face, takes the water and clothing and then runs away.

The Unsure FloorEdit

Player enters a building-filled hex. The player gets an event about a couple in a building that's falling apart, with a near-broken floor that will give with any more weight. One of the couple is about to fall off a ledge, and the other is trying to pull them back up. The player can choose to leave, help the couple, or sneak in and steal their items. Helping the couple results in minor injuries and no reward. Stealing the supplies rewards player with a Yukon Canvas backpack.

Hog Tied WomanEdit

Player encounters woman tied up with dead looter.

  • Trying to free her will result in a "strained" back and a bruise
  • Just Untying Her - Woman cannot move after being tied up so long and player is forced to leave
  • Leaving - Nothing happens
  • Try to make a deal with the gangsters - Player is cornered and killed

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