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"As Queen, my duty is to strengthen our house. And today, its greatest weaknesses are its most barbaric practices. My children, pain is not a gateway to purity, only to more pain. Purity is loyalty. And it is survival. And it is serving something greater.
"Because of this, instruments of the old regime have to be uprooted. Sadistic practices are crimes, and crimes deserve punishment. The Bishop, Edward Kincaid, has escaped. But justice will find him..."

Queen Liza is introduced in the encounter at Saginaw Mental Institution. She is appointed leader of the Blue Frogs after King Elias dies during the encounter.

After the encounter is resolved, she will spawn in a hex next to the Insitution and will head east, presumably towards the Clearbone Valley. She will stop in an hex close by and haul a plastic sled back to Saginaw Mental Institution. The sled has all the contents of the basement at Clearbone Valley.


  • Depending on your actions, this character may be hostile and attack with a military shotgun. She also carries a smartphone containing the  location of Clearbone Valley, a Blue Frog Sash and some random loot items that likely include various types of ammo, clothing and a container.

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