You remember the last dog. Cute, like this one. Trouble with being a dog these days is that people tend to see them as a meal with legs. Good protein is hard to find. 

This one's young. A puppy. Damn thing is licking you, too. It looks well-fed, so somebody must have been caring for it.

You haven't got any need for a rambunctious, tail-wagging puppy. Can't be sure, but you've heard they attract Dogmen like blood attracts sharks.

As the puppy rubs up against your leg, you can't help but notice how much meat there is on him.


1.Poor little fellow. Maybe you can carry it over to that building. Round up some rations and water. (Help)

(As the player finds a spot to leave the cute, little puppy, he gets ambushed by rubble scum and drops the puppy, which yelps and runs away. Player chooses to battle the rubble scum or save the puppy, but eventually chooses to flee. Player escapes with the loss of 1 random item.)

2.That thing will probably end up pissing on your foot! Kick it away! (Kick)

(Nothing happens.)

3.A puppy on it's own is only going to end up in somebody's stomach. Time for some mercy killing! (Lure)

(Player swiftly grabs the puppy's neck and *snap!*. But player couldn't get over the guilt and tosses away the body to the sewer rats.)

4.Heard puppy is a delicacy. You're not one to waste a tasty treat. (Shoot)

(Player kills puppy and gets 2 small chucks of meat (raw).


  • Code Name: Puppy Love
  • Found in Ruins.

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