Slavers. Saw them before, at that prison. This time, they've taken over a police station. The same one you've inadvertently stumbled into.

Now you're stuck. Safely hidden, but definitely stuck. Roving guards have cut off your escape. You need a diversion.

There are some cells nearby. Full ones. You can hear the slavers working over a huddle of children. The cupboard you're in is full of old cleaning chemicals and cleaning rags. And a lighter.

You hesitate. Start a blaze, and it could easily spread out of control. What about the kids?


1. Save them all! Start the fire, and free the kids in the resultant confusion. (Help)

(Player creates fire and tries to save the children. But the fire didn't cooperate and spreads into the cells. Player was unable to reach the cells because of the fire and escapes. Nothing happens.)

2. Nix the fire. Too risky. Sneak out of there, quiet as a mouse. (Escape)

(Player ducks into several rooms before escaping through the window. Player checks pocket to see if it's(loot) still there. Player escapes with 1 random item.) (so far got 1 .308 SP rifle round or 1 empty "Cavilo" painkiller bottle)

3. Not sure about the fire. Unpredictable. Maybe just a little one? Enough to get you out of there. (Create Obstacle)

(Player should have known better as there's no such thing as a small fire, especially with chemicals. The cupboard was set ablaze and creates toxic fumes pimping throughout the station. Player stumbled into the hallway and out the front door. Nobody stops you. The slavers are too busy for self-preservation. As you escape, you can hear the screams of the children echoing down the hallway. Nothing happens.)

4. Burn, baby, burn! Set the whole station alight. (Loot)

(Player sloshes a bunch of chemicals around into a cocktail. It creates fumes even before the player can toss the lighter, resulting in an explosion that tosses the player out of the cupboard, burning his face. The fire spread as fast as the player can run. He hears a bunch of screams before escaping. Player escapes with multiple slash wounds.)


  • Code Name: Police station
  • Found in "Abandoned high-rise building" Hex.
  • Also Found in 'Urban ruins(skyscraper)' Hex
  • Continuation from previous encounter in Correctional Facility.
  • Noted in Option 4 that player is actually bald.

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