"Can see better in dark areas"

This trait is obtained by spending $5900 at the Haggerty Clinic in Detroit Megacity ($5600 for Artifical Eye Replacement, plus $300 for Night Vision upgrade).


The skill has the same effect as the nightvision goggles, without the need to worry about batteries.

  • If selected when scavenging, this skill greatly improves Loot, Safety and Sneak bars.
  • Character always has full move points regardless of lighting conditions.
  • Character with this skill does not have the "Blind" condition at night or in the forest.


  • While the player is unable to see adjacent tiles at night, this skill is still very useful for activities at night (like crafting or traveling) without worrying about a light source.
  • Characters with this skill can prey on enemies at night, when they will suffer from the "Blind" condition and cannot effectively fight back.

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