Monkey Wrench
Value (at 100%): $20.00
Weight: 1.50 kg
Stack Size: 1
Melee Attack
Damage Potential: Status Bar Yellow 17 full
Reach: 1

A Monkey wrench is an item that can be found during scavenging, looted from a corpse, or bought from the junk market. Although technically a tool, its only functions in NEO Scavenger are that of a weapon and a crafting ingredient.

When used as a melee weapon, the wrench causes very severe bruising and likely internal damage, but rarely breaks the skin. It is one of the most effective melee weapons, but is dangerous to use because of its short range. As with all melee weapons, the wrench is much deadlier in the hands of a combatant who is Strong and/or skilled with melee weapons.

Properties and recipe usesEdit

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