This item, location or encounter is not available in the demo version of the game
Deltec SBS4 12-Gauge Shotgun
Deltec SBS4 12-gauge Shotgun
with strap
without Strap
Value (at 100%): $850.00
Weight: 3.82 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 1 x 1
with Strap
Value (at 100%): $858.00
Weight: 4.02 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 1 x 1
Slug (Ranged)
Damage Potential: Status Bar Green 27 full
Range: 61
00 Buckshot (Ranged)
Damage Potential: Status Bar Green 27 full
Range: 61
Rifle Butt (Melee)
Damage Potential: Status Bar Orange 7 full
Reach: 1

A Deltec SBS4 12-gauge shotgun is a military-grade weapon, commonly carried by the DMC Guards as their weapon of choice when going outside of the DMC Gate. It looks similar to the real life Benelli M4.

The SBS4 is produced by the Deltec corporation, also responsible for creation of a popular "1911" .45 pistol and the technological marvel that is the LAR-10 laser rifle, exclusively for the armory of the Detroit Megacity Guard. It seems it was never produced before the cataclysmic events leading to the walling-off of the city as, unlike the .45 pistol that can be quite often found in the world beyond the walls, the Deltec shotgun can mostly be found in the possession of the guards, very rarely from Looters, and even more rarely by scavenging.

It is a very compact design, much shorter than the much more common Cathcart North "Perforator" shotgun. Both weapons share the same calibre, however, and can use the same types of 12-gauge shotgun shells. Regardless of its shorter size, in case of need, the SBS4's butt can be used in melee combat, just like with any other long arm.


SBS4 Shotgun w/Strap (R) 0.01
  • SBS4 Shotgun (1)
    • SBS4 Shotgun
    • SBS4 Shotgun w/Strap

Properties and recipe usesEdit

  • SBS4 Shotgun:
    • SBS4 Shotgun w/Strap (1, R)