Merga's Realm is an encounter location existing beyond the boundaries of our universe.

Entering The RealmEdit

This realm, being otherworldly in essence, cannot be found anywhere on the map. There is only one way to enter it.

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Upon the death of the Merga Wraith, a portal between worlds will open to reclaim its remaining essence. The player will then have a single chance to enter the creature's realm through the portal.

Secrets Of The RealmEdit

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Once inside, the character will notice shelves and working space filled with a number of interesting items, as well as a stunning alien view through an opening in the wall. Outside, the player can see dozens of figures moving about far below. The player will have a few choices of how to proceed.

One option is to examine the figures more closely, which will reveal them to be more wraiths, working with strange pools of light, or walking into and among gigantic towers filling the visible landscape. Using any sort of magnifying optics allows the player to identify the light pools as some sort of scrying devices, focused on distant people or scenes.

Another option is to examine the items gathered in the room. All the items seem to contain some form of data linked to human sightings of fantastic or otherwise unnatural creatures. Some of the items can be picked up by accessing the player's inventory. Useful tip for looters, if you wish to pick up every item make sure to grab them during each examination, and examine the large projection ring last!

One item is of particular note: A polished ring on one work surface, projecting some text at its center. The text is revealed to be a website, likely cached before the internet crash, entitled "The New Earth Ostracon". Players with hacking ability can examine the projection further, showing the website to be part of a larger scene inside a chamber of some sort; the Cryo Facility, perhaps?

The final option is to go back through the portal, returning to where the epic battle against the Merga Wraith took place. Doing so will leave the portal behind, never to be found again.

The encounter ends when two figures with intricate masks arrive in the room: The character escapes through the portal, back to Michigan. The player watches the portal close, and then keeps it in view as he leaves the area, but nothing appears.

Loot Edit

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  • 60mm film spool in a canister, labeled "Woodhouse Moor Lodges - Louis Le Prince".
  • Illustrated children's book in a unknown language.
  • sheaf of letters from Ambrose Bierce, cataloging creatures and occurrences which lack a rational explanation.
  • incomplete excerpts from a german manuscript labeled "I.K., Opus Postumum".