"Better chance to hit in melee combat, higher wound severity, better defense in combat, can leg trip in combat"

The Melee skill represents character's competence in close range combat.

Ability Points cost: 4

Effects Edit

  • Defense Modifier: +20%
  • Morale Effects: +30%
  • Melee Attack Multiplier: +50%
  • Allows "Leg Trip" combat move
  • Allows crafting of Hardened and Broadhead Spears


Hardened Spear 1.00
  •  [  ] Any Combat Skill (Melee/Ranged)
Broad Spear (R*)
(* Combat skill and sharp edge not needed for disassembly)
  •  [  ] Any Combat Skill (Melee/Ranged)

During Encounters Edit

The skill can be used during following encounters:

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  • at the start of the game, inside the Cryo Facility, together with the Strong skill to get ready and fight the incoming creature (this will prevent character from suffering any wounds and will award the Security Footage of that fight as a trophy)

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