"Improved healing rate via procedure training and sterilization techniques, more detailed stat bars on Conditions screen"

The Medic skill represents medical knowledge and practices.

Ability Points cost: 4


  • Healing Rate per hour: +4%
  • Access to 3 additional medical status bars on the condition screen.
  • Can diagnose any disease the player currently has. Players without this skill can only see the symptoms, and has to go to Haggerty Health Clinic for a full diagnostics.
  • Ability to identify any drugs during scavenging.


The skill can be used during following encounters:

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  • at the start of the game, inside the Cryo Facility, to distract incoming creature by dumping the contents of one of the other cryo-pods (feeding either the CEO or the reality show star to it)
  • at the Cryo Facility, to find a security locker containing a first aid kit with random medical supplies
  • at the Isotope Mine


  • The Medic skill is very useful, especially for beginner players. It helps healing faster, and give an accurate depiction of the player's condition, which makes monitoring and treatment easier. Also, since identified pills can sell for a much higher price than unidentified pills (a bottle with 20 identified antibiotic pills sells for $1000), this skill can potentially be profitable in the long run.

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