Makeshift Sack
Value (at 100%): $6.00
Weight: 0.50 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 6 x 10

A makeshift sack is an easily craftable container.

The bag has a large space (6x10 spaces) but can only be carried in the character's hands and not worn on the back like plastic bags or backpacks. But if you already have a Canvas "Yukon" Backpack in your backpack slot, it is recommended that you have this sack in your off hand, because it can carry more than Children's Backpack, a Box, and the plastic bag.

Both folded and full versions of the sack cannot be carried in any other containers other than vehicles.

Crafting Edit

The Sack: Edit

The sack can be easily crafted by combining one 8x10 Tarp and Medium String.

In Other Recipes: Edit

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