Makeshift Rag Shoes
Rag Shoe
Value (at 100%): $4.00
Weight: 0.55 kg
Stack Size: 1

The makeshift rag shoe is the most basic footwear-type item in NEO Scavenger.

It can be made from easily available components, as well as found quite often during scavenging.

Since it's makeshift nature, rag shoes don't really fit anyone well, causing the "improper footwear" condition, regardless on which foot it is worn.

Walking in improper footwear will quickly cause blisters on the character feet, slowing him down by 1 movement point, nullifying the benefit of not being barefoot. The blisters will heal on their own in 72 hours, so in order for player to enjoy any bonus from wearing rag shoe (removing barefoot condition and not suffering from blisters anymore), he will have to wear them for more than 3 days.

Removing a rag shoe and putting it back on again, resets the whole process.

Crafting Edit

Makeshift Shoe (R) 0.10
  • Shoe Sole (1)
  • Medium Thread (1)
  • Dirty Rags (5)

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