The man's skin is covered in red, weeping pustules. The fever is tearing into him. Lying on a stinking mattress, shivering, delirious.

He's gaunt. Malnourished. His body unable to resist the disease that's consuming him. The flesh on his bare feet is torn and rotten. Oozing ulcers dot his lower legs.

It's clear that he's been abandoned. Might explain that bottle of water you stumbled across. Nobody wants to be near a dying man, especially an infected one.


1. Mercy killing is the only option here. Trick is to be able to do it without getting infected yourself. (Chance to get meds, Chance to get infected)

2. Give found bottle to man. ( Chance to get infected)

3. Walk Off. ( Get the bottle of non-purified water.)

4.Scrape puss. ( Get the bottle of non-purified water. Chance to get infected.)


1.The water in the bottle may cause infections as it belonged to him. (needs testing)

2. Scraping puss causes him to smear blood on your arm. (higher chance of infection?)

3. Giving the bottle to the man means he touches you.(low chance of infection?)

4. After mercy killing, the medication gained is a random (possibly more than 10) (12 received in one test) amount of amoxicillin (prescription antibiotics). Empty out the pills from the bottle and put them back in for significantly more money.

6. Mercy killing makes him flail and makes pus fly. (higher chance of infection?)

7. Can be found on a rubble tile, abandoned high rise tile, and abandoned buildings. Please add any extra tiles he is found on. Thanks <3

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