ISlab (all)
off - locked
unlocked - battery
iSlab (locked)
Value (at 100%): $15.00
Weight: 0.60 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 3 x 4
iSlab (unlocked)
Value (at 100%): $25.00
Weight: 0.60 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 3 x 4
iSlab battery
Value (at 100%): $4.00
Weight: 0.14 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 2 x 2

The iSlab personal computing tablet looks and apparently behaves just like a modern touch-screen tablet.

Some newspaper articles detail what the iSlab has to offer, or simply give the player some of the device's advertising slogans.

The iSlab can be interacted with, by the means of right-click context menu. If it is powered by a battery containing charges, it can be turned on to check it's mode. If it is "Locked" it can only be turned off and needs to be hacked first, by using a laptop computer containing iSl-AK hacking software. If it's unlocked, it may be searched for any files it contains and be upgraded with correct lamp and GPS softwares.


  • The iSlab's name may suggest that the device is a parody of the iPad tablet computer manufactured by the Apple corporation. The device also has a striking aesthetic resemblance to the Apple iPad.
  • Before the game build v0.975, iSlab could not be turned on and was only useful as a treasure for sale and in the Hatter encounter.
  • When turned on and accessed the Hiya Poopy logo can be seen, most likely being a game or a show

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