Hypothermic is a condition where the victim is freezing due to lack of warmth. It is caused when the temperature bar is too low, causing the comfort bar to drop periodically if the victim does not get proper clothing or a valid heat source.

If left unmanaged, the victim could freeze to death.


The temperature bar represents whether the player is cold or warm: blue is cold while white is comfortable. You can improve your temperature by wearing clothes and fur clothing, such as a Patchwork Hide Tunic, provides more warmth. Other way of warming are starting a fire, using a sleeping bag to help conserve heat, or drinking Corn-a-Cola, which increases body temperature temporarily.


  • At the start of game, the player will likely have about 10 turns until they freeze to death.
  • Often thought of as the most common way of death for new players, as they lack the knowledge of how to survive and may struggle to acquire enough gear to stay warm.
  • The first time you almost die of hypothermia, the game will queue a scripted sequence where you find a car that has a sleeping bag. This only occurs once per new game.

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