Homemade 4mm Gauss Rifle
GaussRifles Bare Fully Modified
Bare Rifle
With Scope and Strap
Value (at 100%): $2640.00
Weight: 11.20 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 4 x 1
4mm Gauss Rifle AP (Ranged)
Damage Potential: Status Bar Green 22 full
Range: 60
Range (Scoped): 75
Rifle Butt (Melee)
Damage Potential: Status Bar Orange 7 full
Range: 1

The Homemade 4mm Gauss Rifle is a weapon that can be found lying about in the world, though it is very rare. It is also craftable by the player (with the proper abilities and tools), using various components. Some of these components require additional crafting to create, while others can be found in the wreckage from a DMC drone. The ammunition used in this rifle is also found in the same wreckage. To actually fire this weapon, it must contain a charged battery, specifically designed for it.


.308 Rifle w/Strap (R) 0.10  
4mm gauss rifle w/Scope (R) 0.10
  • Homemade 4mm Gauss Rifle, no Scope (1)
    • Homemade 4mm Gauss Rifle
.308 Rifle w/Scope and Strap (R) 0.20  
.308 Rifle w/Strap, Add a Scope (R) 0.10  
.308 Rifle w/Scope , Add a Strap (R) 0.10

Properties and recipe usesEdit

  • .308 Rifle, no Scope, no Strap:
    • .308 Rifle w/Scope (1, R)
    • .308 Rifle w/Scope and Strap (1, R)
    • .308 Rifle w/Strap (1, R)
  • .308 Scoped, no Strap:
    • .308 Rifle w/Scope, Add a Strap (1, R)
  • .308 Strapped, no Scope:
    • .308 Rifle w/Strap, Add a Scope (1, R)

See alsoEdit

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