Encounter: Edit

You've heard it said that some of the enclaves are nothing more than breeding farms. All the surplus kids get sold off in exchange for needed items. Probably just an urban legend. What you do know is that women found outside enclaves are often rounded up. They're treated as a precious commodity by many. Even looters will pay through the nose for a healthy specimen. Which might be what you've just stumbled across, though you'll admit the circumstances are a bit odd. There's a women in this room, hog tied next to the lifeless body of a looter. Doesn't appear to be anyone else here, through. That's the "odd". You hear some gangers coming down the street, though they don't seem wise to the setup here yet.

Choices: Edit

No one deserves to be enslaved. Untie her. Get her out of there. There isn't much time.

(Player gets injured, along with a Strained Back.)

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