"Ability to hide is more effective, camp concealment stat visible on Camp screen"

Ability Points cost: 2


  • Hiding efficiency: +25%
  • Camp Concealment stat visible on camp screen: Shows how visible your camp is to the NPCs
  • Unlocks ability to retreat out of combat without being seen.
  • Usable while scavenging - reduces likelihood of attracting creature while scavenging while also reducing the loot chance.


The skill can be used during following encounters:

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  • at the start of the game, inside the Cryo Facility, to successfully hide from the incoming creature
  • during the "Zom Zom's" arena fight, to exploit the robot's weakness
  • at the Isotope Mine, to safely get past the robot saber-tooth tiger on the way in
  • at the Strange Forest to sneak on the way through
  • at the Strange Forest to successfully avoid a fight with the monster
  • during the stake-out, outside the Detroit Savings Bank, to successfully stay undetected by the leaving bank worker
  • during your first ATN Enclave Visit, doing so you will get found and strangled, only to be carried to their elder as you normally would


  • Hiding is great for those who don't like fighting (or are not in conditions to do so), and is very efficient when paired with Tracking.