This item, location or encounter is not available in the demo version of the game
Hidden lake
The Hidden Lake is a lake hex surrounded by forests from every direction, located far to the north-east of Cryo Facility. More precisely, it is 28 hexes east and 19 hexes north.

A lone, small house exists near the lake. Its address is Seven Gables Road and appears deserted. The entrance is barricaded, but access is still possible. The inside will feel very tense with a strange, malicious presence.

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There are two options to choose from: going up or down. Downstairs, the player will find nothing, but the feeling of being watched will grow. Upstairs, a number of bodies, in different states of decay, can be found hanging from the ceiling. A Silver Urn with Ashes from Seven Gables Road can be found here.

If the player stays put after obtaining the urn, an unknown entity will attack, causing a minor bruise. The entity will kill the player if the room is ever revisited.

The player will also be cut from behind, by an unidentified enemy, when leaving the house.

If at any point the player uses a light source to try and see better while in the house, he will instantly die, unless a lit smudge stick is used

The StranglerEdit

Hidden Lake Inside

After going to the upper floor, a new option will appear allowing the player to run from house's angry spirit deeper into the building.

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Go up stair, choosing Stay (do not select any action and just press the spacebar) will allow you to have a chance to obtain the Strangler's Hood. An option to 'Run down the hall, towards the corpses!' will appear, and if lucky enough you will survive and see a corpse. However, there's chance of immediate death doing so. A choice to go into the room to the left or right will be presented. The door to the left is closed, and trying to force them open will result in be strangled to death by some unseen force. The door to the right will open into a room where a rotten body sits on a bed with a burlap sack over its head. This rotten body could possibly be the previous victim of the hood it wears while slumped on the bed.

There are a few options, which include examining the corpse, jumping out the window, and examining the door that was just entered. The Strangler's Hood can be obtained by examining the corpse. Wearing the hood is essentially a death sentence as it can never be taken off and it requires you kill an enemy every 5 turns (it does provide a unique attack called 'silence the rasping thing'). If worn, the house will no longer seem ominous and evil, preventing the Strangler from attacking. However, paranoia and anxiety of the outside world will manifest instead.

There are two ways to obtain the Strangler's Hood without having to wear it.

  1. Using a lit Giizhik Smudge Stick will prevent the evil spirit from attacking.
  2. A tactical armor vest will prevent the evil spirit from killing you. After examining the corpse, select the option to jump out the window. The entity will cause one or two minor cuts/bruises, but the system message will display 'barely affected the armor'.