Encounter Edit

They've cornered you. Some lucky gangers managed to back you into a dead-end alley. They're closing in, smelling blood in the water. The future's looking pretty grim. But then somebody shows up. And he's packing. The gangers hesitate. A the stranger holds them up, you duck into the door he appears from. Then, just as suddenly, the situation shifts. The gangers are no longer scared. Why? They split up, and move in fast. You watch the stranger cock the weapon and aim, but the nearest ganger just keeps coming, unperturbed. Maybe they're calling his bluff? Help the man, leave the door open,slam the door, jam the door.

Options Edit

1. Help the man. Stand together, die together. (get injured)

2. Leave the door open behind you. He might make it. Miracles can happen. ( you lose a random item)3.

3.Yell out your thanks.Then slam the door. Slow down the gangers.( Nothing happens)

4.Jam the door shut behind you, and disappear.( get a pair of binoculars or a multitool)

Notes: Edit

Found on a Rubble tile, and abandoned high-rise buildings .

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