"Skill at manipulating computers"

The Hacking skill allows the player to easily manipulate computers. It allows to crack locked electronic devices, giving access to Data Files those might contain.

Ability Points cost: 2

Hacking guideEdit

Here is a simple instruction on how to unlock electronic devices. All devices to be unlocked must have a battery with at least one electric charge inside it


To unlock a Laptop, player needs to:

  • Possess Hacking skill
  • Open the laptop if it's closed (Using right-click menu option "Open")
  • Turn it on (Using right-click menu option "On")
  • Enter the hacking encounter (Using right-click menu option "Use")
  • Choose the option to Unlock the Laptop during the encounter

Other Electronic devicesEdit

To unlock any other electronic device (iSlab, Smartphone or Cellphone) player needs to:

  • Possess Hacking skill;
  • Have an unlocked, and powered on Laptop
  • Have a proper Cracking Software placed inside the Laptop (hold laptop in hand to transfer software)
    • iSl-AK for iSlabs
    • 5MR-7 for Smartphones
    • Br1nG for Cellphones
  • Turn on the locked device (by the right-click menu option "On")
  • Enter the hacking encounter (by the right-click menu option "Use" on the Laptop)
  • Choose the correct cracking software to use.
  • Choose the locked device.
  • Choose the option to unlock the device


During certain encounters involving a high-tech equipment, characters with knowledge of Hacking might find easier and faster access to computer terminals or gain insight into workings of electronically operated machinery. The skill can be used during following encounters:

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  • at Camp Grayling, when using the Blackwhite the player can lower the progress bar by 20%, giving himself one extra search inquiry.
  • at the start of the game, inside the Cryo Facility, to lock the door before the incoming creature
  • during the "Zom Zom's" arena fight, to find and exploit the robot's weakness
  • at the Isotope Mine, to fix the Gertrude's programing
  • at the Detroit Savings Bank, to hack the data terminal
  • at the Detroit Savings Bank, to find a security's hover bike blind spot


  • While its use is mostly limited to non-combat actions, Hacking can potentially be very profitable. Occasionally, player can randomly stumble upon devices (sold at the market, or scavenged) containing datafiles worth from several hundred to several thousand dollars. In addition, reading the data files can uncover some interesting and amusing bits of information, adding flavors to the game.

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