Gauss Rifle Components
4mm Gauss Components (all)
Rifle Stock - Receiver - Staging Switch
4mm Gauss Barrel
Charging Circ. - Capacitor - Battery - Ammo
Wooden Rifle Stock
Value (at 100%): $12.00
Weight: 0.80 kg
Stack Size: 1
4mm Gauss Gun Receiver
Value (at 100%): $380.00 / $38.00
Weight: 1.30 kg
Stack Size: 1
Stage-switching Circuit
Value (at 100%): $260.00 / $26.00
Weight: 1.05 kg
Stack Size: 1
4mm Gauss Gun Barrel
Value (at 100%): $560.00 / $56.00
Weight: 2.80 kg
Stack Size: 1
Charging Circuit
Value (at 100%): $130.00 / $13.00
Weight: 0.30 kg
Stack Size: 1
High-energy Capacitor
Value (at 100%): $48.00 / $4.00
Weight: 0.35 kg
Stack Size: 1

Various components which are required to craft the Homemade 4mm Gauss Rifle.

Each UAV wreckage that player gets his hands on can be dismantled, using a multitool, yielding several random pieces from among those parts. Usually, two-three drones need to be disassembled in order to acquire a full set of the necessary parts.

There are two exceptions for that. The rifle stock needs to be acquired from a standard-type rifle or shotgun. The Gauss gun battery is made from a standard laptop battery, by combining it with some assorted small parts (with the help of a multitool and the Electrician ability).

Once the player has all the necessary components, he can proceed to put the weapon together. This process will require knowledge of both the Electrician and the Mechanic abilities, as well as a multitool.

Keep in mind though, you need 3 capacitors, and the stock is actually the rifle itself; scope and strap needs to be added later.

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